"Making a return to ArtBAB this year is Bulgarian Art Agency Ltd with artworks by Zurab Tsereteli, renowned Georgian-Russian artist and architect."

В Тбилиси прошла вторая арт-ярмарка

ArtBAB 2019 Kicks Off In Bahrain... With Eyes On Paris In The Summer 

Самый объемный стенд отдан графике Зураба Церетели. Ее представляет болгарская Art Agency.

“By providing a dynamic space for the exchange and discussion of ideas and promoting smaller art communities within larger art market sectors, we hope to make Bahrain a focal point for contemporary art in the region..."

On Arty Trail in Moscow

How Manama is emerging as West Asia's foremost arts& culture hub

According to European Art Dealer Stephan Stoyanov, who represents many of Moscow's acclaimed artists, the city's contemporary creative ecosystem has much to do with its new-found status as a global art hub.